Now for Dessert - Root Beer Float

I was craving dessert this weekend big time, but I am not a baker.  I actually had three failed desserts (not even my dog has tried to eat them) in the previous week, and my ego was not about to bake something else.  I'm blaming the fails on a bad recipe and egg substitute, but we can talk about that another day.   

I also wanted something "summery", you know, light, cool, refreshing!  I went looking through my kitchen, and I happened to have on hand Diet A&W Root Beer and Breyers No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream (the BEST no sugar added ice cream in my opinion).  I haven't had a root beer float in quite some time, and boy did it hit the spot!  

When it comes to dessert, I tend to have big eyes.  I did 16 oz of root beer and 1 cup of ice cream, filling one of my largest glasses!  However, with this combination, it was ok!  (not ok when it comes to cheesecake, chocolate cake, etc).  My BIG dessert however only had 160 calories!!  



Here are the nutritional stats:
Calories - 160 calories
Fat - 8gm 
Carbohydrate - 26gm
Fiber - 8gm
Net Carb - 18gm
Sugar - 8gm

VERSUS Regular float with 16 oz regular Root Beer and 1 cup Regular Ice Cream at 500 calories...

Nutritional Stats:
Calories - 500 
Fat - 14gm
Carbohydrate - 88gm
Fiber - 0gm
Net Carb - 88gm
Sugar - 88gm

SAVED - 340 calories, 6gm fat, 70gm Net Carbs, 80gm of Sugar - WOOHOO!

And seriously, it was amazing!  In fact, I think I will have another tonight :)  I think if you aren't a big "diet soda" drinker, putting ice cream in it helps that...  Also, this could be done with light orange sherbet and diet sprite, how good does that sound??

What are your favorite things to do for a quick easy dessert?  Tell me in the comments section!

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