Pizza or Something Better at the Airport?

While traveling recently, I was sitting at the airport waiting for my flight.  I had gotten there a little bit earlier than I usually like too (but at least not late!) and I had a great seat by one of the few coveted charging stations.  Someone on the other side of the charging station got up and left, leaving two slots open.  This lady with crazy red hair flying in all directions rushed up the second they left and set a pizza box on the seat next to me. She then turned to me "Can you watch my pizza while I go get my bags?"  I was a little confused by this request, in my head I was wondering who on earth would want to steal and eat her half eaten pizza??  Being nicer than this though, I told her I would watch it.  She was gone for a few minutes, then returned to charge her accessories and finish her pizza.  

After being asked to watch that particular pizza, I started noticing how many other people had huge pizza boxes that they were consuming for dinner at the airport, not only that but huge bags of fast food also seemed like a favorite.  Did they think this was their only option?  Had they not planned in advance to avoid this nightmare of a meal?  I'm talking whole pizzas for these people, that were climbing on a five hour flight.  Once we got on the plane, the two people next to me also each had their own pizza!   

This got me thinking about travel tips and ways to avoid turning to an entire pizza as your only option!  I travel enough for work, pleasure, family, etc, that I am always prepared.  I never go to the airport without a bag full of food to pick from.  At least that way I make better choices at the airport if I do want to purchase something.  Here are some suggestions to make your next time traveling a more healthy experience!

  • Check out the airport before you go!  Some are healthier than others.  In a recent survey by, they found that 100% of Detroit airport restaurants offer at least 1 healthy option.  Fifteen of the nations busiest airports were surveyed, and the lowest report was 71% (not too bad!).  The average has increased from 57% in 2001 to 83% in 2011, YAY for healthier options being offered!
  • Take an empty water bottle, and fill it up once you get through security!  Keep on drinking that water so you wont feel as hungry through your trip and you will feel better when you land.
  • Here are some food choices I include when traveling:
    • A sandwich, any kind, on whole wheat bread.  PB and J is a good option, or ham/turkey and cheese if you can eat it within a couple hours.
    • Carrot sticks with hummus
    • Wheat crackers with laughing cow cheese (doesn't have to be refrigerated!)
    • Almonds (I love the 100 calorie packs)
    • Veggie Straws - to hit that salty, crunchy craving
    • Grapes
    • String cheese - again if you can eat it in a few hours
  • I have seen a lot of these things actually in the airport!  Many airports have little containers or vegetables with some kind of dip, sandwiches on whole wheat bread, and lately I have been seeing regular and Greek Yogurt, as well as string cheese!  Just keep in mind it is much more pricey at the airport.  But since yogurt USUALLY can't (but one time on accident did) make it through security, it is nice to be able to find it in the terminal.
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  • The trick is being prepared.  You never know when that short 2 hour flight will turn much longer because of some delay.  Take snacks just in case, and avoid being caught off guard.  When you are hungry, is when that $5 bag of lays potato chips looks absolutely necessary!  :)

What are your favorite snacks to take while traveling?  Does your airport have a great healthy option?  Share in the comment section below!  If you like the blog, join it!  Become a follower on the right hand side under the twitter feed.  Also, follow me on twitter, facebook, or pinterest by clicking the buttons on the right.  Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!!

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