Road Trippin' - Better to be Over-prepared!

Today, my husband and I, and our two dogs are going to Sedona for a quick get away weekend!  It was kind of a spur of the moment decision (late last week), but it should be fun!  Its a little bit cooler than where we are living right now, and they have gorgeous scenery to explore.  We will be able to go hiking, biking, swimming, and see some cool stuff.  We will also get to visit some of their farmer's markets (can you tell yet that I LOVE farmer's markets!?), and eat some of the local food, which I'm pretty excited about.  We will be driving there, and luckily have a kitchen while we are there, so we can take lots of yummy things!

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I find on road trips that it is so important to be over-prepared!  Stopping to get snacks and meals most of the time ensures higher calorie, fat, and sugar options, with very very limited nutritious choices.  We of course have been known to stop for something tasty occasionally, but I would prefer to have the car stocked so we can make the decision of what to take, over just having to purchase whatever we can find when we get hungry.  Next time you road trip it, here are some ideas for you to take to have healthy options.  Get your cooler and fill it up baby!  

Image from thedailygreen  (I will get pics up of my personal cooler when we get back!)

Here is what I am packing for us, and what you may want to take next time:

  • WATER - lots and lots of water.  Stay hydrated the whole time you are traveling, and you will feel much better, and make better food decisions
  • Chopped veggies (celery, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, snap peas)
  • Ranch dip (low fat sour cream mixed with a seasoning packet of hidden valley ranch DIPS, so good!) Divide this out into a couple little containers so you can leave some in the cooler and dip in smaller ones while traveling.
  • Hummus - awesome for dipping those veggies in
  • Bag of Cherries that has been washed and is ready to go
  • Grapes (again, pre-washed)
  • Greek Yogurt - usually in our house we go through the big ones pretty quickly, but for our road trip, we are taking the little 6 oz ones
  • Small bags of popcorn.  A couple already popped, and others for popping later
  • Almonds
  • String Cheese
  • Laughing Cow cheese
  • Turkey Jerky (high protein, helps keep you satisfied!)
  • Sandwich fixings (did that just make me sound old? haha)  So when we stop somewhere I can make a couple sandwiches and they wont get soggy!  This was always my favorite thing to make when we would go boating, reminds me of that.   So easy and much better than only be able to find a burger place in the middle of nowhere.  I'm taking:
    • Small loaf of bread
    • small mustard container
    • Sliced cheese
    • bag of lettuce leaves, bag of sliced tomatoes
    • Ham and turkey
  • Cooked Steel Cut Oats - This is for when we get there and need breakfast, and its genius!  I will blog about the wonderfulness that is steel cut oats another day, but it is a super easy one to make a lot of, and refrigerate!  It re-heats amazingly with a little cinnamon and almond milk, yum!  Such an easy breakfast!
As you can tell, I'm trying to keep the grain choices at a minimum here.  Those are so easy to stop and buy if you want them, much easier than these things I have packed!  Also, I find it isn't a good idea to take a box of crackers/pretzels/chips with you while driving, how easy is it to eat the whole bag/box?  Too easy because in a car, it is right there.  The small bags of popcorn work nicely for that.  And finally, I know with eating out that we will get plenty of grains, but will we get enough of the other stuff on our trip?  Maybe not.  

Hope that gives you some ideas for your next road trip, even if it is just a day trip to the beach!  Have a great day!

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