Surviving Weddings, Reunions, and Parties

It's the time of year for weddings, family and class reunions, pool parties, and other social gatherings.  Does an event like this mean your whole day or even week is ruined?  It doesn't have too!  With some planning, which is key, you can survive nutritionally and not ruin your wellness goals!

Step 1 - Before the Event
  • Eat light, but filling food during the day so you don't go to the event starving.  If you don't plan to eat many vegetables at the event, eat them during the day!  No starving before the event to be able to eat more when you get there, you will make worse choices and take in more overall calories.
  • Drink Water!  Get your 64-80+ oz in during the day.
  • Fit in time for exercise before the event, you will make better decisions if your day has been healthy otherwise.  
Step 2 - During the Event
  • Have a plan, and stick to it!
  • Survey all the food before deciding what to eat.  Pick a couple of your favorites, and ignore the ones that don't really do it for you.  Also, load up on the veggies and protein, and ignore the bread basket.
  • Get up and get moving!  Mingle, dance, catch up with friends, this will help you not eat as much.
  • If you have your choice in seating, make it far away from the food so second helpings aren't quite as easy.
  • If you look forward to dessert, again, try your favorite one, and if it just isn't that good, don't finish it.  Let them clear your plate, don't you clear it. 
  • Try sharing a dessert with someone else who doesn't want a whole dessert either.
Step 3 - After the Event
  • Return to your healthy habits and goals - RIGHT AWAY
  • Keep up the good work you are doing!
  • No GUILT - Remember that eating healthy and exercising are for a lifetime, 1 meal or day doesn't blow it for you, jump right back on, and keep moving forward!
What are your best strategies for surviving social gatherings?  What works for you?  Share with me in the comments section!

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