Workout Wednesday - Exercise Routine For You and My Workout ADD

I love to work out.  However, the way in which I have got my sweat on has been different through the years.  In high school, I had gym classes, and I went to the gym.  I also danced.  There was even a period of time I went to curves with my mom.  In college, I tried to take an exercise class each semester, and I got to do some cool things: spinning, aerobics, kickboxing, self-defense, modern dance, ballet, yoga, Pilates, step classes, and more!  (I needed the exercise classes to balance out the culinary classes!)  I have had a home elliptical, done P90x, Insanity, and other home DVDs.  I have a road bike and have loved that for exercise.  I have done swimming, hiking, walking, and canoeing (Yes, in Jersey, I had a canoe and a river behind my house, go figure).    Most recently I have done Crossfit.  I think you could say I have "Workout ADD".


Box Jumping at CrossFit

But, I think it is important to get out there and try new things when it comes to fitness and exercise.  Life changes so frequently, and what worked last year, may not work for you this year.  Be flexible, and willing to look for something new.  Frequently I hear, "I used to go to the gym, now I can't because of A, B and C".  So the person isn't exercising at all because they can't go to the gym.  Time to find something new!

One of the most important things when starting an exercise program, or beginning a new one, is to pick an activity that works and is right for you.  You need to choose an activity that you both enjoy and can physically do.  What is right for one person may not be a great fit for someone else.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Joining an exercise class.  There are a wide variety out there, swimming, aerobic, spinning, pilates, yoga, Zumba, Jazzercize, etc.
  • Getting involved with a sport.  Learn something new!  Tennis, golf, racquetball, swimming, dancing, etc.
  • Walking.  You can go anywhere, around the neighborhood, around the mall when the weather isn't nice or through a park.
  • Do Chair Exercises
  • Try some at-home workout DVD's.  There is a wide selection for whatever fits your needs.  You can usually read reviews online.  
  • If you have the ability to stream videos (wifi), try for free exercise videos, or join Netflix for streaming of exercise videos!  If you love like I do, look into their prime program, and you can stream for free (plus free shipping!). Also, for easy streaming, I love my Roku box!  It streams all the above to my tv for me, so the workout videos are bigger and easier than on my laptop!
  • Joining a gym.  Maybe you like to mix it up every day and try new things, this way you can use a variety of their machines.  Look into the various types of gyms, like 24-hr fitness, Crossfit, Curves, etc, they all offer different programs at different prices.  One may have classes or times that work for you, where another may not.  
    • Today on I bought a punch pass for 30 exercise classes for $20!  Keep an eye on and for great deals in your area that let you try something new at a great price!!
  • Stretching, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates - all great activities that you can easily do at home. 
  • Stay active around the house.  Get moving while doing laundry, dishes, gardening, vacuuming, anything else that needs done (get up and paint the room you've always wanted to paint!).
Your ultimate goal is to work up to being active at least 30 min a day.  Remember, you want to gradually build up to this point, it doesn't have to be the first day, or even the first week if you haven't been active before or in a long time.  If you don't have 30 min all at the same time, feel free to split it up, 15 min in the morning, and 15 in the afternoon.  Again, however works best for YOU at this time in YOUR life.  It may change, that is ok!

What is your favorite way to exercise?  What have you been doing that keeps you active?

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  1. I have discovered Zumba thanks to your mom! We go every Wednesday night and I love it. The time passes quickly and you can really have fun, but yet get a good workout at the same time.
    Kim Hustead

  2. I love that you guys are doing Zumba! So much fun, I agree the time really does pass quickly when you are enjoying it! Next time I am up on a Wednesday, I want to to with you :) thanks for reading!