4th of July Food Truck Round Up!

Happy 4th of July!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got to do fun things and eat yummy treats! We had a rainy and relatively cool day, it was a nice change from the super hot days, but a bummer it was on the holiday.  Luckily it cleared up by evening and we did get to see those many firework shows from the roof all over the valley.  We probably saw 11 or 12 different displays, so fun!

While out today, we drove past a Food Truck Round-Up and quickly pulled in!  Such awesome food!  I loved the food trucks in New York, and miss getting to visit them as often.  There was a wide selection at this round up, and we enjoyed seeing the different, creative menus and offerings!  I plan to try them all now that I have a list of the different trucks and their information.  There was everything from BBQ, Mexican, Asian, desserts, sandwiches, pizza, Greek, Italian, and more.  What great prices too!  Here are a few pictures...

Getting ready to go enjoy the day!

Mexican Food

Asian Flair


Already had lunch, so went for dessert!  What to pick?

Went for chocolate whoopie pie with salted vanilla caramel filling and a bacon, maple cupcake!  (Don't worry, I shared both of them!!)  These are from Pin-Up Pastries - highly recommended for something sweet :)

Chocolate Whoopie pie with Salted Vanilla Caramel filling - Excellent combo

Bacon and Maple Cupcake - Amazing

Thanks for reading, hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

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