Food to Try - Pop Chips

Do you have a BBQ this weekend?  Party that you need to take something too but not sure what to bring?  Want to bring a healthy alternative to potato chips that people will still like? Have you tried popchips?
These yummy chips are neither fried, or baked.  They are popped!  They are all natural, with no preservatives, trans fat, saturated fat or cholesterol.  They also have no gluten ingredients.  These really hit the spot if you are craving potato chips (or sweet potato chips).  These come in eleven different flavors and with so many great flavors you don't need to dip them in anything.  Flavors include: Original, BBQ (my favorite), sour cream and onion, cheddar, salt and vinegar, sweet potato, salt and pepper, jalapeno, chili lime, thai sweet chili and parmesan garlic.  

Popchips only have 100 calories and 3.5 grams of fat for an individual size bag (surprisingly big 18-20 chips - YAY).  They also have 1 gram of fiber.  Pop chips are a yummy snack when you need something with that "crunch".  I love them, and can't wait to try their newest flavor, Thai Sweet Chili.  

You can look for them at your grocery store, Target, my Costco has them, or you can go online to find a store near you that carries them!  Check out their website here. ( You can even get the chips from their website, that is pretty easy :)

Have you tried pop chips?  What are your favorite flavors?  Have a great weekend!

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