Test your Nutrition IQ - Vitamins and Minerals

Which Food Has More?  Test your knowledge of various vitamin and minerals and the foods that contain them.  Answers are at the end... Good Luck!

1. Which has more Vitamin C?
      a. 1 cup (c) orange juice
      b. 1 c strawberry halves
      c. 1 cup sliced red bell pepper

2. Which has more Vitamin A?
      a. 1/2 c carrot sticks
      b. 1 c raw spinach
      c. 1 c diced cantaloupe

3. Which has more potassium?
      a. 1 c chopped cauliflower
      b. 1 medium sized banana
      c. 1 medium sized baked white potato

4. Which has more vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)?
      a. 4 oz chicken breast (baked)
      b. 4 oz grouper fish
      c. 1/2 c raw peas

5. Which has more Iron?
      a. 3 oz Deer Meat cooked
      b. 1 c cooked black beans
      c. 3 oz cooked lean ground beef

6. Which has more Vitamin E?
      a. 1/2 c shelled english walnuts
      b. 1 Tbsp canola oil
      c. 2 large eggs

7. Which has more magnesium?
      a. 1 artichoke
      b. 1/2 cup lima beans
      c. 1/4 c pumpkin seeds

8. Which has more calcium?
      a. 1 oz low fat swiss cheese
      b. 1 oz cheddar cheese
      c. 1 oz blue cheese

How did you do??

1.  c. The red bell pepper wins with 117 milligrams mg vitamin C, compared to the  strawberries at 89.4 mg, and the orange juice containing 81.9 mg.
2.  a. The carrots win, containing 10,190 international units (IU) of vitamin A, compared to 5,276 IU in cantaloupe and 2813 IU for spinach. 
3.  c. The baked potato wins by quite a bit. It contains 926 mg, while a banana contains 422 mg, and the cauliflower has 320 mg.
4.  a. The chicken contains three times as much vitamin B6 as the peas do—0.45 mg vs 0.15 mg.  The grouper contains .33 mg, right in the middle.
5.  b. The black beans win the Iron battle, providing 3.6 mg of iron, the deer contains 2.9 mg, while the ground beef provides 2.4 mg.
6.  b.  The canola oil has the most vitamin E, at 2.4 mg, the eggs (mostly all from the yolks) contain 1.1 mg, and the walnuts contain 0.4mg.
7.  c. A ¼ c of pumpkin seeds wins by a lot, providing 191 mg of magnesium, while the artichoke contains 76.8 mg and the lima beans contain 45 mg.
8.  a. 1 oz of low fat swiss cheese wins, containing 269 mg of calcium, the cheddar contains 204 mg, and the blue cheese contains 150 mg.

Share how you did in the comments section!  Any surprising answers?

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