Workout Wednesday - Motivation after a long work day

Do you every find yourself thinking, "There is no way I can work out after such a long day at work!".  You are not alone.  This is the biggest and most frequent reason I hear for not exercising.  I don't blame them either.  It is really hard to work up the energy to exercise when you are drained from a long work day, and thinking about spending an hour on the treadmill is too much.  To those patients, I recommend changing what you think about exercising.  Tell yourself you only need 10 minutes...Just 10 little minutes....

There is a difference between being mentally tired and physically tired.  Doing something physical, like exercise, can actually help combat the mental fatigue.  Try telling yourself you aren't going to do more than ten minutes of exercise (ten minutes is better than nothing, right!?).  Often, once you get moving it isn't hard to continue the work out.  The hardest part is usually just getting going.  In studies preformed at Northern Arizona University, they found that doing ten minutes of moderate exercise, was enough to improve moods and fatigue levels.

Try having your route home from work take you past the gym.  Capitalize on the fact that you are already out and next to the gym, you haven't already parked it in front of the TV.  Also, plan ahead for ways to exercise at home.  Plan on taking the dog for a walk, or playing catch with your kids.  Have work out DVDs next to the TV and ready to go.  Have a yoga mat on hand and ready to be used.  Anything you can do to make those ten minutes not so painful and you are much more likely to get some kind of work out in.  Remember, ANY work out is better than NO work out.  You can do THIS!

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How do you get moving after a long day at work?  Share in the comments section below!

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