Workout Wednesday - Writing it Down

Do you ever go to the gym and get on the treadmill or the weight machines and do maybe "x" number or reps or minutes because it's a nice round number and call it good?  Do you know if those reps are more or less than yesterday?  How about last week or last month?  Do you know what kind of progress your workout has made more than just a number on the scale?  (which, by the way, today my scale told me I weighed 170lbs more than yesterday, um, time for a new scale I think!)

A great work out tip is to write down what you have done during your work out.  I never did this until starting P90X almost four years ago and Tony Horton always stressed keeping track of what you were doing.  I started doing it and found quite a few positive benefits.  Each week I was able to see how many more pull ups or squats I could do than previous weeks and how far I had come.  Also, I knew how many push-ups or whatever we were doing I needed to shoot for based off of how many I had done before.  I am able to see my progress as I am able to run farther, lift heavier, increase reps, and jump higher.  I know my workouts are making me stronger and better, and I know that because I look back over the years now and see what I used to do!

Writing down your work outs is great motivation to get your work out in, and push yourself just a little farther than last time.  Write down what you did, whether it was running, elliptical, biking, anything.  Write down the amount of time you spent and how much you pushed yourself.  For example, treadmill, 20 min, level 4.  If you switched it up, write that down too.  If you do weights keep track as you go, for example Bicep curls, 15 lbs, 16 reps.  Then the next time you go you know what you did last time.  

Can be as simple as this!  Pic from here.

If it helps you, write down how you felt during your work out.  If you are running and it was really hard, write it down.  As it gets easier, you will be able to remember where you came from.  Do you write down your workouts?  Does it help?  Share in the comments below!  Good Luck!

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