A Few Healthy Living Reminders

Sometimes we all need a few reminders to balance life out and be happier.  When we are happy, we make better wellness choices.  We eat better, are more likely to exercise, and get more sleep.  So, keep these two simple things in mind today, and smile :)

Don't be a stress mess.  Stress can really derail your healthy eating or diet plan.  It can trigger unhealthy eating and also sabotage your exercise goals.  Be sure to have a healthy quick snack you can grab on hand and stick to your exercise routine.  Remember, some exercise is always better than none!  (and those endorphins from exercising really help fight the stress!)  Find additional ways to deal with your stress, such as deep breathing (even just a couple minutes), yoga, or whatever it is you find relaxing.

Remember to be your biggest fan.  You need to cheer yourself on during your weight loss or maintenance!  Take time each day to think about your accomplishments and what you are doing for yourself to be healthier and feel better.  Always focus on the positive and give yourself a better outlook on your goals.
Have a fantastic day :)

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  1. A few basic reminders. Healthy living is about a whole lifestyle geared towards treating yourself and your body well. healthy eating