Eating out Tips - Ordering Indian Food

Happy Friday!  Yay for the weekend!  We have a new Indian Restaurant near our home and are looking forward to trying it out this weekend.  I never really got to try Indian food until a restaurant opened in my college town.  I had no idea at all what I was ordering.  (Lucky for me I like most things)  The place a lunch buffet though and we went back for lunch a few times to try out the different options.  That is a great way to start with Indian food, if you haven't had it in the past.  You can try a lot of different dishes without ordering a whole plate you may not love.  How do you know if what you are ordering is a healthy choice or not?  Here are some suggestions for healthy dishes, and not quite so healthy options!

-Chicken, fish, or pork are leaner than goat or lamb
-Drink water or unsweetened tea with your meal over fruit smoothie options (such as mango smoothies)
-Ask your waiter for preparation details.  How is the dish prepared?  Don't be afraid to ask questions!
-Avoid cream or coconut milk based sauces
-Pick grilled or steamed foods when possible

Healthier Dishes/Options:
-Chicken or Pork Tikka (marinated and grilled on a skewer)
-Chicken Vindaloo
-Tandoori Chicken or Fish (clay oven cooking)
-Tandoori jhinga (grilled dish)
-Lentil soup
-Curries without coconut milk
-Raita Sauce (cucumber and greek yogurt based sauce)
-Whole Wheat Naan

Less Healthy Dishes/Options
-Makhani (base is tomato sauce with clarified butter or cream)
-Malai (cream used in sweet dishes, go light with this one)
-Ghee (means clarified butter)
-Masala (flavorful, but usually lots of oil)
-Samosa (meat stuffed in dough and fried, watch any stuffed breads)
-Careful with the rice, can you swap it for grilled veggies or even whole wheat naan?
-Gulab Jamoon (dessert, 1 small ball can have 200 calories)

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What are your favorites at Indian restaurants?  Share below!  

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