Favorite 4 Light Dessert Ideas!

It's Friday!  I had a pretty good week, and I hope you did as well!  Now we have a nice long 3 day weekend, love those!  Are you doing something fun for the weekend?  Maybe grilling?  Check out a past blog post about fun ideas for grilling here (and also if you missed it, the story of the snake IN MY house!).  We are completely remodeling the house we bought in the spring, and have some fun projects planned for that this weekend.  I tell you, carrying sheet rock, wood, bags of thin set, and all the heavy stuff is quite a workout!  Also, I can move, carry, and help with way heavier things than I previously could thanks to CrossFit.  Definitely helped me get ready for this huge undertaking!

Anyways, today I wanted to give you some ideas for healthy desserts if that is what you are in charge of for your labor day BBQ or picnic, or just having people over.  First, when I think healthy desserts, I think fruit.  Fruit is naturally sweet, and can keep the calories lower while still being delicious.  Especially at this time year!  You can still get great deals and tasty picks.  Here are 4 very different desserts that can all be amazing, and still lower in calories than other desserts (think cheesecake at 350-400 for a small slice!)  

1. Banana Split
Start with a small sized Banana, top with low fat or no sugar added ice cream or frozen yogurt, a little whipped topping (no need to do fat free here, only a 10 calorie difference usually from the highest calorie to the fat free!  But, check saturated fat, and keep that low or none), some chopped almonds, and a small drizzle of chocolate syrup (try Hershey's Syrup Lite, it is 50 calories for 2 Tbsp, compared to 100 calories for 1 tbsp of most hot fudge, even the sugar free varieties).  For total calories, lets say you do a small banana, 1/2 cup of light ice cream, 2 Tbsp of Whipped topping, 2 Tbsp of chocolate, plus 1 tbsp chopped almonds, you are right around 240 calories.  Not bad!  You could make it a monster banana split and still come in less than than the cheesecake!  (I'm picking on cheesecake, but it really is my favorite dessert for a splurge, instead of birthday cake, I have always asked for a cheesecake!  But...not too often!)

2. Angel Food cake with Berries (my favorite option)
Those nice easy little angel food cake cups at the grocery store, are only 100 calories each!  You can also buy the round cake, and for about 1 inch slice, you are looking at about 100 calories.  Not bad at all!  Top with Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or a combo of them.  About 1 cup of berries is 60 calories, and you probably wont fit a whole cup on there!  Top with whipped topping (same advice as above), and you are way under 200 calories for a wonderful dessert!
Picture from health.com

3. FiberOne Brownies topped with Strawberries
Have you tried FiberOne brownies?  They are actually pretty good, and they only have 90 calories, plus 5 grams of fiber!  (They also now have chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chip, both of which would be awesome too!)  For the chocolate brownie, I have found I love it best heated up in the microwave just a little bit.  It has chocolate chips in it that get all melty and yummy!  Top the brownie with sliced strawberries and some whipped topping, and again, amazing dessert!  For this, if you use a brownie, 1 cup of berries, and 2 Tbsp whipped topping, you are only at 160 calories!
4. Peach Crisp
The trick to making Peach Crisp a healthier option is to try a few substitutions to your favorite recipe.  First, watch what sugar you put on the peaches (try to find really ripe ones, and use no sugar!), this time of year, that is so easy!  Next, try a whole wheat pastry flour in place of your white flour, or for a different twist, try All bran or Fiber one Cereal (the 57% DV Fiber option) in the food processor for a few pulses (not too fine), and combine that with your oats and flour.  It will add bulk and fiber, with less calories!  Next, for the butter you put over top, try a lower fat option.  In a recipe like this, it works perfectly to swap out.  I like Brummel and Brown Yogurt Butter (in the blue container), or Blue bonnet makes a light butter in stick form, which is really easy to measure.  A few swaps like this, and your recipe is much lighter!

What is your favorite light recipe for summer?  Share in the comments below!  

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