Food to try - Laughing Cow Cheese

Today I wanted to tell you about another one of my favorite healthier snacks!  We all need variety and new options!  I love the Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges.  They come in a pack with 8 wedges and each only has 35 calories (the Original Swiss has 50, but all other varieties are light and have 35 calories).  
They make the perfect snack and are really very versatile, there are 6 different light flavors including creamy swiss, garlic and herb, sun-dried tomato, blue cheese and more!  They are a great alternate to cheese, cream cheese, dips and other spreads that can be packed with fat and calories.
They have NEW Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spreads as well!  Same set up, 8 wedges in a wheel.  These are 45 calories for the light varieties, still not too bad!  They have light cinnamon and light strawberries and cream which are awesome for the sweet cravings!  In these types, they also have light cream and light garden vegetable.  Try these in place of your regular cream cheese!  Or try using any of the laughing cow cheese wedges in these ideas below!
A few ways to use them:
  • Spread on fruit, apples are perfect with the swiss, Pears are great with blue cheese.
  • Great with crackers or rice cakes
  • Spread on a pita or tortilla, and topped with grilled veggies
  • They work well with raw veggies as a replacement for dip or just to liven them up
  • On a Bagel in place of cream cheese
  • On top of your whole wheat waffle or pancake
  • Try the Strawberry or Cinnamon in stuffed french toast...YUM
  • With Pretzels for a light snack
  •  Stir one into your tomato soup, or add them into tomato sauce to put on top of pasta - makes it deliciously creamy
  • Use it when making tuna or chicken salad for sandwiches or wraps
Also, here is a yummy Quesadilla recipe from the Laughing Cow website!  Give it a try here.

If you try them and love them like I do, you can buy them at Cost-co and they come in packs of 32!  Limited flavors that way though.  Have you tried them?  What is your favorite flavor?  

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