Workout Wednesday - Every Minute Counts!

Happy Workout Wednesday!  Today I wanted to remind you that every minute counts when working out.  I hear so often from people that they do not exercise because they don't have time.  Some people tend to think of exercise as an hour, or nothing.  Not a good way to think about exercise because fitting in a whole hour some days is not possible.  

The thing is, some exercise is WAY better than no exercise!  Every Minute Counts!  Repeat that mantra a few times.  Every Minute Counts!  You are so much better off doing 10-15 min if that is all you can fit into your day, rather than skipping it all together.  Studies show great benefits from 15 minutes of exercise.  If you don't have that hour, don't skip out completely.  Take a walk, climb on the bike, pick up one of the 10-minute solution DVDs, that has 10 minute workouts!  (You can stream this on Netflix for free!)
Have a jump-rope?  That is an awesome 10 minute workout!  High intensity.  For someone 150lbs, they will burn around 115 calories, at 175lbs, you would burn 135 calories, someone weighing 200lbs would burn around 152 calories, and at 125lbs you would burn 95 calories.  If you don't have a jump rope yet, here is one from Amazon for less than $7 with great reviews!  Want to turn up the burn on the jump roping?  Try Double Unders!  They are seriously hard.  I'm still trying to perfect them.

Start by jumping normally, and as you get a steady routine, try to swing the rope around twice, for just one jump.  (double - under)  Watch this video below for a crazy demo on jump rope (definitely getting a workout in!), and then a brief instruction on how to do double unders.  

So, remember, EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!!  Get it in :)  Something is better than nothing.  For a power-packed 10 minutes, all you have to do is jump rope!  What do you do for exercise when you are short on time?  Share below!  Have a great day!

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