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Happy Workout Wednesday!  Before I started blogging, I used to send out a daily email with nutrition tips similar to what I blog about now.  I started writing "Workout Wednesday" emails about two years ago.  I feel like by mid week, things are at the height at stressfulness (I don't think that is word, but it should be, and I think you know what I mean).  We are getting tired, shifting our focus to the rest of the week, and maybe putting our workout goals on the back burner while we struggle to get everything else accomplished for the week!  

So on Wednesdays, I like to give you a little workout tip or two, some motivation, or a new workout move to try.  A small reminder to keep up with your fitness goals and to get that exercise in!  Today I have a couple tips for you :)  Get that workout in!
  • Think Worst, First.  Do what you feel is the worst one, first.  Do you hate abs? Squats? Lunges? Do that one FIRST.  Starting your strength training session with what you feel is the “worst of the worst” will help you out finish stronger.  If you are looking forward to your favorite exercises at the END of the workout, it will encourage you to get through all you wanted to do, to finish strong, and get all that tough stuff out the way!
  • Make prime time your prime time. Instead of getting comfy on the couch, find a spot on the floor and concentrate on strength training during a half-hour episode. Side crunches, side planks, squats and leg lifts will help tone your core without blocking your view of your favorite show. At a commercial, get your heart rate up with sets of jumping jacks, lunges, and/or push-ups.  You will get to catch up on your favorite shows, the time will pass quickly, and you get your workout done!  Win-Win.  Who can't tone while they watch TV, EASY!
Get those crunches in!  Go!

What tips help you to get your exercise in and done?  Share in the comment section below!

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