Workout Wednesday - Fighting Fitness Myths! (my top 3)

Happy Workout Wednesday!  I recently got new workout shoes (good anniversary present right??  We both got workout shoes, staying in shape together!)  I love them.  They have been awesome and are so comfortable and flexible and they don't even feel like I have shoes on (in a good way).  Here is a quick picture... 

Today I wanted to address a couple of the workout myths that I hear most frequently.  If you have any other questions, please send them to me, or comment below!  

Myth #1 - (Especially from women) Lifting heavy weights will quickly add muscle weight and make you "big".    

This is simply not true.  Most women do not have the the chemical make-up for this to happen.  There is too much estrogen in our systems to become big and bulked up.  

Myth #2 - Squats give you a big behind.

Again, NO!  You know what is going to give you a big behind, and it isn't doing squats.  In fact, squats will help lift, tone, and firm up your behind, as well as your legs.  Always remember when doing squats to not let that knee come over your ankle!  (A post devoted solely to squats coming soon!)

Myth #3 - Crunches will get rid of tummy troubles.

To fight the bulge of the belly, you have to incorporate cardio, reduce simple starch intake (think sugar, white, refined products, and things like potatoes), as well as include a variety of ab exercises.  The best bet is this three pronged approach for a flatter stomach!

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