Workout Wednesday - Fitness Gear in Sight!

It's Workout Wednesday! I have a quick fit tip for you today to help get that workout in more often.  Try keeping all your exercise gear out, in plain sight.  Keep your shoes, clothes, and or equipment out,as an easy quick reminder to get it in!  Obviously, I'm not recommending that you have your exercise clothes all around your whole house!  Try picking two easy places to have a visual cue waiting for you.

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For me, having my workout shoes and clothes next to my bed so they are one of the first things I see in the morning helps me get an early workout in.  I also have a jump rope and stability ball next to the tv in my family room.  They remind me to do something while I watch tv, or better yet to just do the workout instead :)  With so many things competing for your attention, sometimes having the visual reminder really helps get it in, even though it seems so simple!

Where can you keep something to remind you?  Maybe even in your car?  What can you try to help get that workout in more often?  Share below!

Don't let this happen to your yoga pants! :)

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