Workout Wednesday - Motivation

Happy Workout Wednesday!  Today I have motivation on my mind.  Motivation to continue exercising and push past those plateaus.  I always feel so bad for people when they tell me they were doing great exercising, but stopped when they got stuck and  the scale quit moving.  I know it is so frustrating to work hard and put in the time and sweat and not see the results!  

When you find yourself thinking "The scale is stuck, why even bother?", try to remind yourself that the scale will budge.  First, stick with the scale and the weigh ins.  In a study at the University of Minnesota, of 3,026 adults who were trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, those who weighed themselves more frequently lost more weight over two years or regained fewer pounds.  The study points to daily weigh-ins as beneficial, but weekly may work too.  
Remember that plateaus are part of the process.  Stay motivated and remember how much you are improving.  Find other ways to measure your success, aside from the scale.  Take measurements (arms, thigh, waist, hips, etc), write them down, and measure again a month or so later.

Try to think back over how far you have come since you first started your exercise routine.  How much longer can you stay on the treadmill?  Has your mile time improved?  Can you lift more weight?  Feel good about those accomplishments because they mean your cardiovascular system is healthier and you are taking care of your body.  

As you lose weight, your metabolism changes to accommodate your smaller size.  Because of this,  you are going to have change what you are doing to get your body to keep responding and losing the weight.  If you are eating right and following a meal plan already, don't cut back more!  Keep eating right, and amp up the exercise.  Increase the intensity and/or increase the length of your work our session a little bit.  

Increasing the intensity or time has multiple benefits!  It will not only burn more calories, but also continue to increase your cardiovascular capacity.  This means everything will feel easier to do, so you can keep exercising.  Turn up the resistance on the bike, push the pace of your walk, or run for one minute intervals.  Try adding jump rope or jumping jacks between sets of toning moves: A  mix of cardio and toning circuit training burns 512 calories per hour, more than double that of toning alone!
Try something new this week, or find ways to increase your intensity!  What are you doing for exercise lately?  Share in the comments section below.

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