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Hey!  It's Friday!  I hope you all had a wonderful week, and a great weekend ahead!  I have more house projects planned for this weekend, and I'm excited to work on that!

So, I think I jinxed myself with my herb post yesterday!  They had all been doing so well, and I have been using them in cooking, which I love!  Well, yesterday, I was working on painting a door, and I could tell the wind was picking up and it was going to start raining.  I have my herb pots lined up on these little arches about 3 feet off the ground.  It is the perfect place because the animals can't get them, they get good sunlight all day, and they are really easy to water and check.  Well, when it rains here, usually it pours.  I thought I had a minute to finish what I was doing before going to get the herbs and bring them to cover, when all the sudden I could tell it was raining, and hard.  

So I ran out to save them, and my basil (which is my favorite and had been doing amazing), was blown off the arch in the wind :(  it of course landed up-side-down, and broke all the little stems.  I am so sad.  So I have to get a new Basil plant I think.  

All the rest survived, and didn't mind the cooler, wet day yesterday.  i had another pot break yesterday too with the wind, and found two chairs at the bottom of the pool.  The winds must have been really bad yesterday!  So, I think I will probably make pesto, quickly use up all the basil, and start a new one.  

Ok, so on a different note, my fit tip today is about not skipping meals.  

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We have talked about not skipping breakfast,which is very important, but I want to remind you that you will be better off by not skipping any meals (and even throwing in a couple snacks through out the day!).  Skipping meals causes your blood sugar to drop, leaving you feeling weak, irritable and light headed.  (Some of us might get more irritable than others when going to long without eating....)  

One huge trick to weight loss is keeping that blood sugar stable!  When you do go to long, we have a tendency to overeat, or make poor decisions on what to eat, and that causes our blood sugar to spike.  This up and down is not a good thing!  Eating smaller meals more often keeps it stable, and keeps us feeling better!  This also controls our appetite, allowing us to make better decisions about what we are going to eat!

What helps you to not skip meals or get your snacks in?  Share in the comments below!  

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