Mid Day Healthy Eating Tips

Today I just have a couple tips for making it through the most common snack time, mid day!  (You SHOULD have a snack at this time!)
  • Plan ahead!  Always get the mid afternoon munchies and the vending machine looks tempting?  Take a snack with you.  Some string cheese, a banana, some carrot sticks, a handful of nuts, or a yogurt if you can keep it cool, will fight off the munchies and keep you on track!  You will feel so much better eating something substantial instead of a bag of chips.
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  • Ride out the cravings.  The urge to overindulge or give in to a craving comes in waves.  If you can allow 10-15 minutes to pass, usually so will the craving.  Occupy the time by going on a quick walk, calling a friend or answering a few emails.  Focus on learning to tell the difference between cravings and hunger.  If you want to eat something particular and only that, that usually means it is a craving.  Hunger isn't specific for a single food.  If you are still hungry after 10-15 minutes take the time to pick out something that will be satisfying and keep you on track.
How do you decide if it is a craving or you are actually hungry?   What are your go to snacks?  Share in the comments!  Have a great day :)

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