Try the Step Test

Want to see how in shape you are?  Grab a friend and try the Step Test.  This test is designed to see how quickly your heart can return to a normal rate.  Developed in 1972 by McArdle and colleagues.  You can do this quick test periodically to see if you are making improvements in your fitness level.

You will need:
Stop Watch/Timer
Step (16.25 inches high)
Metronome (if possible...not required, but helpful.  Free online version at
Helpful graphs below

You will be stepping on and off the step for 3 minutes.  Men should step at about 24 steps per minute, which on the metronome is 96 beats per minute (bpm).  Women should step at 22 steps per minute, which is 88 bpm on the metronome.  You should be able to hear the metronome ticking.  For each tick, step up, (tick) up, (tick) down, (tick) down.  So, up up (both feet on the step), down down (both feet on the ground). Continue this for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, wait 5 seconds, then take a 15 second pulse.  Times that number by 4, to get your beats per minute. (say my pulse was 16, do 16 times 4 = 64, that would be my beats per minute)  Check your beats per minute against the graph below to see where your fitness level is.  Try the test again in a month and see if you have improved!

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