30 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow! Week 1!

I'm so excited to get the 30 Day Challenge underway!  We begin tomorrow, are you ready??  So, first, here is a little bit more information.  

We will have 1 weekly goal that you try to incorporate each day for the week.  We are starting on a Wednesday, so the weekly goal goes from Wednesday till the following Tuesday when the next weekly goal will be posted.  If you are able to do that goal during the day, you get 1 point.  Then we will have daily goals that are posted the day before, if you are able to do that goal during the day, you get another point.  There will be some bonus points thrown in during the month, keep an eye out :)  Post your points daily to the Facebook post, (1 for the weekly goal, and 1 for the daily goal, 2 points possible every day).  

Keep in mind that everyone is coming in with different strengths and weaknesses.  Some of you may already have one thing down and that will be an easy day, while some other days are really challenging!  I have tried to mix it up so we cover a wide variety of topics, while also focusing on the basics of good healthy eating habits!  I would try to build on the weekly goals and keep those going from week to week, if you can tackle those things, you will be looking good :)  you are always free to ask questions or for clarification if something doesn't make sense!  I bet someone else has the same question as you!

Thank you all for sharing it on your facebook pages, twitter, and pinterest!  Because we have enough participants, we will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner!  If you shared, and haven't commented on the post on Facebook, make sure to do so so I have your 2 bonus points recorded!

OK!  Now, here are your first two goals :)

Week 1 - Water!  Your goal is 64 oz per day, if you aren't drinking that much already.  If you are drinking 64oz, I want your goal to be drinking 80 oz!  One point per day for drinking enough water.  (crystal light/mio and caffeine free herbal teas are included as water, coffee is not)

Day 1 - Mid Day Crunch!  Make sure and have a vegetable with Lunch.  (this doesn't include potatoes or corn as a vegetable!)  :)

Have a great day!  Send me questions, and good luck!!

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