Day 11 - Toss Trigger Foods

Sorry for the late post everyone!  Today your goal is to Toss Trigger Foods.  

This can be on whatever level you feel comfortable with.  However, we all know, if it isn't in the house, you wont eat it!  If you have something that gets you every time, don't buy it.  If it is already in the house, can you give it away?  If you are baking, make the effort to take it to the neighbors instead of having it sitting there staring at you!  Think a little about the foods you have in the house that are too tempting, and consider donating or getting rid of them, especially if you are trying to lose!  You can also get the point for today for promising yourself not to purchase those really hard trigger foods next time you are in the store.  (You don't have to throw out or give away food if you don't want too!)

Make sense?  You get +1 for tracking, and +1 for going through the kitchen and donating or tossing the trigger foods OR not buying them next time you shop.  Sound good?  

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