Day 14 - Take out Trans Fats

Last day of tracking (Tuesday)!  Good work, I know it takes a little extra time, but it is worth it!  The next weekly goal will be posted tomorrow to begin on Wednesday...AND that marks the halfway mark!  We have about 55 people with scores, but not all of them have continued to post their scores.  The field of scores is close, keep it going guys!!  

Day 14's challenge is to take out the Trans Fats from your diet.  Basically we want this number each day to be 0.  Trans fats are extremely detrimental to heart health.  Food labels are now required to list "Trans Fat" under the fats on the food label BUT, and this is a big BUT, if, per serving there is less than 1/2 a gram of trans fats, they can list it as 0.  So, if you eat two, three or more servings of a food with .49 grams of trans fat in it, thinking it is 0, it adds up.  In order to truly have 0 trans fat, you  have look at the ingredients.  If any food product lists "Partially Hydrogenated Oil" (oil of any kind, commonly soybean or vegetable oil), then it has some trans fat in it.  

Sneaky food companies changed their servings sizes when the new regulations came out to make sure they were under half a gram.  Trans fats are found in shortening, so they are very common in pie crusts, biscuits, etc, and are in the mixes for these (check out biscuit!).  Trans fats are very shelf stable, and do not go rancid like other fats, so they are used to extend the shelf life of products.  If something can sit in your pantry for 2 years, usually not a good sign.  Another common place for trans fats are in deep fried foods, especially at restaurants.  

For the challenge today, check out your packaged foods, mixes, snacks, etc and make sure you are trans fats free!  +1 for no trans fats during the day, and then for good overall health, check in the store when shopping to make sure you are staying trans fat free!

For those of you cooking with shortening, find substitutions!  One option is to use butter, or coconut oil.  Coconut oil can be hydrogenated, which will cause those trans fats, so find one that hasn't been.  It's melting point is only 76 F if not hydrogenated, so as long as kept somewhere cooler, it will work well.  It is still high in saturated fat, so not a good option often, but better than shortening in baking.  Get away from shortening as often as possible :)  Questions?  Ask below!

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