Day 15 - Eat In!

You guys made it through week two!  How are you feeling?  I hope you have found some things that help you feel better and be healthier!  We are half way now, with some more great challenges ahead!  Week 3 is going to include physical activity or exercise each day.  We have focused more on other aspects of wellness, but being active, or getting exercise in is important as well!  

Each day you can choose how you want to get your 15 min in, whether it is walking, running, wii fit, an exercise dvd, on demand exercise through your tv provider, stream exercise programs through netflix, ride a bike, jump rope, yoga, pilates, swimming, go to the gym, at home exercise equipment, etc.  Anything you can think of, and part of this is thinking of new ways to exercise!  With the colder weather coming, you need options!  Set up the wii if it isn't set up right now, learn how to stream netflix if you have it, pull out your DVD's, find the fitness on demand through your tv provider, look into roku boxes for streaming, anything you can to have options so there are no excuses for not exercising!  

Every day you get 15 min of some kind of exercise, whatever your level, you get +1.  Keep in mind that "Some exercise is better than NO exercise" and we are happy with 15 min if that is all you can squeeze into the day!  You can do this :)

Your goal for Day 15 (Wednesday) is to not go out to eat.  Try to have all your meals at home.  For those of you working, take lunch with you.  Take your snacks.  Don't stop on the way to work for breakfast, take it with you!  No matter how healthy you eat out, you will do better in fat, saturated fat, sodium, and everything else by eating things you prepare or at home.    +1 for not eating out all day.  Good luck everyone!  

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