Day 16 - Less Starch

Hi Everyone!  Hope your first day on the new week goal is going well, and that you are getting your 15 min in!  It will be an awesome habit before you know it!  Let us know what you are doing to get your exercise or activity in, we would all love the ideas!  Share here or on Facebook!

The goal for Day 16 (Thursday) is for a little less from the starch or grain group.  For this group, i'm talking not only about rice, pasta, bread, cereals, pancakes, crackers, chips etc, but also potatoes.  The goal today is to have one meal be starch free, and keep your snacks starch free.  It is definitely a challenging goal.  But you can do it!  I don't want you to be hungry, far from it!  I want you to fill your day with foods from all the groups!  Just like we have been working on with the previous challenges.  More vegetables!  Pick from the dairy group!  Get a fruit or two in there!  More Protein!  Try not to rely to heavily on that grain group during the day.  

So, try eggs or egg substitute with turkey bacon for breakfast if you want to skip the grain in the morning, or a salad filled with vegetables and protein or soup for lunch instead of a sandwich, or load up your plate for dinner with chicken/fish/pork, a vegetable and a side salad!  Try to find a meal where you focus on the other groups.  Too often I see a day like this: cereal or bagel for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner.  Then on top of that, pretzels and a granola bar as the snacks for the day.  Where are the other food groups??  Think about the snacks I have mentioned before, yogurt, string cheese, almonds, vegetables with dip, cottage cheese, fruit.  Combine them so you fill satisfied!  

For your +1 for day 16, do one meal without grains, and keep your snacks grain free.  You can do it!  You will feel better too!!

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