Day 17 - Sneak in Snacks!

Day 17 is about eating more!  We have talked about blood sugar control a little bit lately with the fruit and grains, and how important it is for feeling good, as well as weight loss or maintenance.  One key aspect for blood sugar control is eating more often, every 2-3 hours!  Snacks are also important for getting a sluggish metabolism up, and controlling your hunger levels.

Think about times when you have been out all afternoon, not eaten since lunch, come home to prepare dinner and you are STARVING!  What do you grab?  Something healthy?  Usually no, usually the first thing you can find!  Stay on top of that hunger by eating more frequently, every 2-3 hours.

To get +1 for day 17, eat something every 2-3 hours.  Your day could go like this: 8am - breakfast,  10:30am - snack, 1pm - Lunch, 3:30pm - Snack, 6pm - Dinner, 8pm - snack (optional, but completely ok!)  The snacks can be very small, handful of almonds or a string cheese, or it could be bigger if you are hungrier!    If you are out running around or at work, be creative!  Prep your snacks in advance if you have to take them with you, make those mornings easy.  Don't leave the house empty handed :)  

Remember you also get +1 for 15 minutes of exercise or activity!  

Questions?  Share your snack ideas below or on Facebook!

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