Day 19 - Stress Buster

Today I wanted to focus on emotional eating.  I think something different comes to mind for everyone when they think about emotional eating.  Try thinking about the full spectrum of emotions, we eat to celebrate, because we are happy, sad, stressed, anxious, mad etc.  Everyone eats emotionally to some degree, some can be more damaging than others.  I think one of the most common types of emotional eating is when we are stressed, because there is an actual hormone reaction that increases your appetite!  (look into cortisol for more information).

For Day 19, I want you to list 10-12 way you can handle stress (or other emotions) besides turning to the kitchen.  Actually write them down.  It might include something like reading a good book, exercising, painting your toenails, cleaning the bathroom, I don't know, get creative!  So +1 for writing your list.  Also, I will give a bonus point for sharing two of your ideas on the link on Facebook, or in the comments for this post.

Don't forget to get your 15 minutes of exercise in today!  Remember, if you want to do Yoga, stretching, or take a walk around the neighborhood, that counts too.  I know many people don't exercise on Sundays, but there are other ways to move your body and focus on it for the 15 minutes.  

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