Day 2 - Tackle TV Time!

You made it through day 1, Great Job!!  Post your scores to the Facebook post for Day One :)  For Day 2's goal, we are going to tackle TV time.  I specifically picked Thursday for this, because my favorite shows are on Thursday night!  While watching TV on Thursday, use the commercial breaks to stretch, tone, or jump rope.  Stretch those muscles from a long week, do crunches or push-ups, try lunges, squats, or holding plank!  Whatever you can do to take advantage of the time you are usually just sitting.  Its amazing what you can do with the commercial breaks from just 1 show!  

Keep up that water today as well!  Try putting lemon or lime in your water to give more flavor!  If you still have cucumbers, add those for a refreshing twist!  Is it cold where you are?  Try an apple cinnamon herbal tea to make it feel more like fall!  YUM! 

Good Luck!  You can do this! 

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  1. Day 2...
    +2? Is it always to or are we adding one for each additional goal?
    I missed that somewhere.
    Stick w/a comedy for tv time. It's much easier than a tear jerker!

    1. Nice job Amy!! Yes, +1 for the daily goal each day and +1 for the water goal each day, doing good!! Agreed, stick with a comedy for an easier exercise time :) What did you watch last night?