Day 20 - No Added Sugar

Hey Guys!  Happy Monday!  And, 2/3 of the way through your challenge, you guys are doing wonderful!  Those of you still posting are closer to winning :)  We have lots of scores in the 30s now, keep it up!  

Today's challenge is one I know a lot of you have probably been dreading, but you can do it, for one day!  The goal is to avoid added sugars.  I'm not talking about natural sugars we find in fruits or dairy products (lactose is, after all, a sugar).  To get your +1, avoid adding sugar to things like tea or coffee, and keep out the sugar heavy beverages (soda, iced tea), and the added sweets (cookies, cakes, candy, etc).  Lots of real whole food instead.  Reach for a piece of fruit or yogurt if the sweet craving calls.

To avoid sweet cravings, stay on top of your hunger by eating every couple hours, and get plenty of protein. Drink lots of water, and stay stocked on alternatives for those sweet cravings.  Also, know that the longer you are able to keep the sugar out, the EASIER it gets!!!  I promise :)  Try it with one day first, see how it goes.  You can do it!!

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