Day 21 - New Grains

It is your last day of week 3, getting exercise in every day!  Finish strong on Tuesday, and a new goal week starts Wednesday!  I know this one was a hard one for some of you, so great work trying to get that exercise in!

For Day 21 (Tuesday) the goal is try a new whole grain you haven't tried before.  It can be something like wheat pasta or brown rice if you have yet to try either of those, or something more exotic like quinoa, couscous, millet, barley, farro, polenta or steal cut oats.  You can easily find how to cook any of these online, with many recipes!  I have recipes on this blog for couscous and quinoa, both simple and quick.  

Couscous is very easy, but a little different water ratio, 1.25 cups water to 1 cup couscous.  Boil the water (or try low sodium chicken stock), add the couscous, remove from heat and cover for 5 min, done!  Quinoa only takes 15 min, and you can find quick cooking barely or farro very easily.  

One of the cheapest ways I have found to purchase these is from the bins at grocery stores that have them.  You can also find them by the rice usually, or at any whole foods, sprouts, trader joes, etc.  But, you don't have to go to anywhere crazy, the grocery stores are getting more and more options!  

You can use these as a side for dinner, to top your salad, to put in a soup, or even for a hearty breakfast!  Be creative :)  So, to get your +1, try a new whole grain.  If you have already tried everything listed here, either comment for other suggestions, or try one of them in a new recipe!  Enjoy!

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