Day 23 - H2O with Every Meal

Day 23 is a pretty simple, straightforward, healthy day!  Keep getting those 3+ vegetables for your weekly goal point, and then choose to drink water with every meal, and snack for your daily point!  If you are used to have juice or coffee or in the morning, add 8 oz water to that.  It should be pretty easy for lunch, dinner, and your snacks!  One glass (8 oz) or more with each counts, and is the key to getting in enough water during the day!

You guys did awesome during our water challenge week, so this should be a pretty easy one.  To up the challenge just a little, Day 23 will be worth 1 bonus point if you eat 5+ servings of vegetables instead of just the 3.  Get those vegetables in!

Hope you are all doing well!  As always, I love reading your comments on Facebook, and I know they help others too.  Good Luck!

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