Day 24 - Make a New Recipe

How are you guys doing on vegetables this week?  Do you find it fairly easy to get them in, or does it have to be a more conscious effort through the day?  I know I have even had days where I get to dinner and realize I haven't had any!  I challenge you to try and get your veggies in two different times during the day!  Get some with your eggs in the morning, take them as a snack, have them with lunch!  Don't save all your servings for dinner :)  Every now and then it happens, but if you make the effort to have them with more meals or as snacks it will replace other higher calorie, less nutrient options!  Something to think about...

The goal for day 24 (Friday) is to try a new (healthy!) recipe.  Now, I know some of you may be working all day, or wanting to go out to dinner, so this will continue to Saturday.   If you don't get a chance to try out a new recipe on Friday, you can on Saturday and post your points after you tried it.  Sound good?  If you want to get a bonus point for day 24, post the recipe to Facebook for us!  Everyone can use new yummy recipes!  The recipe can be for any meal, and as simple or complicated as you want.  Enjoy!

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