Day 25 - 30 Minutes of Exercise

You made it to another weekend!  Well done on you challenge success this week!  It's interesting, some people find the week to be the most difficult, and others the weekend.  When is most difficult for you to keep your healthy eating in check?  Have you tried anything that has helped?

The goal for day 25 (Saturday) is to get in 30 min of exercise.  This can be any number of ways, traditional gym, exercise equipment, workout class, walk around the neighborhood, etc, or you can really put effort into raking those leaves, housework, or other chores.  Maybe you have been wanting to try a hike, go for a family bike ride, attend a fall festival, go to the pumpkin patch?  Get out and do something that has you moving and enjoying the season :)  Or get in that exercise on a day that isn't as crazy as the rest of the week. However you choose to do it, you will feel better after being active!  Have a great day!!

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