Day 26 - 3 Healthy Goals

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  You are getting so close to the end of your 30 days, time to make some new goals.  The best way to continue losing weight or maintain that healthy weight is by continually setting new goals!  For day 26, I want you to make 3 goals that you can work on for the next month.  Think over the daily or weekly challenges we have had, and pick ones that were especially challenging or really good for you to work on.  

Making goals will also help you get through the holidays without any unwanted gains!  When making your goals, think about setting "SMART" goals.  This stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-oriented.  You want goals that you can measure your progress on.  

If you simply set the goal of "more water", how do you know if you have achieved it, or what you need to drink each day?  Instead, making the goal "I will drink 80 oz of water every day for the month of November", is a much more specific, measurable and time-oriented goal.  Also, this would be a great goal if I was only drinking 64 oz of water, because 80 oz is only 2 additional cups, which is doable.  But, if I was only drinking 16 oz, setting my goal for 80oz may not be realistic or attainable, and may leave me frustrated when I consistently fall short on my goals.  You want to challenge yourself, but not have them be impossible.  Find a happy balance.  

So, for day 26, you get +1 for eating at least 3 vegetables, and +1 for setting 3 "SMART" goals for the month of November.  Have a great day!

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