Day 28 - Tone It Up!

Hey Everyone!  I hope all our participants on the East Coast are staying safe, warm and dry tonight!  The goal for Day 28 doesn't require leaving the house for all our friends dealing with Hurricane Sandy.  The goal is to get some toning exercises into the day.  Do 15 min of toning exercises for +1.  This can be simply sit-ups, push-ups, planks, lunges, squats, or you can do any toning you already know.  

For some new ideas, check out  Click on "work-outs" and you can pick any body part you want to target!  It will give you easy ideas that have step by step instructions.  I love checking out their work-outs for new ideas.  

Day 28 is also the last day of Vegetables!  Get your 3 in one more time, and take that habit with you as we move into our final week goal (even though it will be shortened).  Only a couple more days, you can do this!

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