Day 3 - Substantial Snacks

Great work so far everyone!  I know for some, the water is a big challenge, keep up the great work!  I loved the comment about "floating away", I know it can feel that way!  Get that water in earlier in the day, or focus on a bottle before meals and snacks.  Did you know that people often mistake thirst for hunger?  Not staying hydrated can lead to more snacking, which doesn't leave you satisfied because that wasn't the problem in the first place.  Be proud of yourself if you didn't quite hit the water goal, but got more in than the day before, that is huge too :)  

Day 3's goal (Friday) is to focus on that afternoon snack time and have something with fiber and/or protein!  And yes, I want you to have an afternoon snack if you usually don't!  Don't go too long without eating!  Skip the pretzels/crackers/chips/cookies and include something that will keep you full and satisfied until dinner!  Some good ideas are one of these or a combo of them: Greek Yogurt, Low fat cheese (love Sargento), Almonds, Veggies with Hummus, Cottage cheese, Apple with small amount of peanut butter or laughing cow cheese wedges, or whole grain toast with sliced avocado.  Share your great ideas for substantial snacks below and snack well!

**Edit** Also, when you post your score, if you remember, tell me which day you are posting for :)  (example: Day 1, +2) that will help me keep them organized.  Sometimes it will be easy to post your score on the day of, and sometimes you will have to post it the next day, depending on what it is.  I will start posting a status each day that says "Day 1", "Day 2", etc and you can post your scores there, but still give me the day you are posting for.  Thanks again for participating!  Off to a great start!!

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