Day 30 - Prepare to Eat Out

Day 30!!  Can you believe you made it!?  Congratulations to those of you who completed all 30 days!

Your last goal is to be prepared for eating out.  Your best bet to be successful when eating out is to check out the nutrition information before you go!  You may be surprised with some of the salads that are outrageous in calories (Chili's Quesadilla Explosion salad at 1400 calories!!), and some of the other options that may work great.  If you have a phone with apps get the "Fast Food" app (little hamburger as icon).  Check out my Restaurant Links Tab for direct links to many restaurant's nutrition information.  Most restaurants have their nutrition information listed on their webpages, but you have to look for it.  Usually if you go to "Menu", there is a small link for the nutrition.  

My suggestion would be to look at a few of your favorite choices and see what the best option will be before going out.  If you are going to small restaurant that doesn't have nutrition info, pick a comparable chain place and check out their nutrition info for general guidelines (small Italian place?  look at Olive Garden).  To get your point for day 30, look at three common places you go out to eat out, find their nutrition info, and find some good picks for next time you go!  Be prepared to eat out :)

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