Day 4 - Wipe-Out White

Happy Friday Everyone!  The challenge is off to a great start!  How are you guys feeling?  Getting used to trying to the water in?  A few more days of our water goal, then off to the next one :)  Keep it up!  

Day 4 is all about trying to limit the "white" in our diets.  White products (white flour, sugar, potatoes, rice, etc)  all lead to increased blood sugar, and our goal for a healthy diet is keeping the blood sugar stable!  Today, your goal is to pick whole grains and keep the white out of your diet.  Whole wheat bread, brown rice, wheat pasta, sweet potatoes etc.  You could also include quinoa, couscous, oatmeal...all good whole grains.  The biggest thing to look for with whole grains is that they have more fiber and protein then their white counter part :)  Keep an eye out as you looking for new options.

This is a lofty goal!  I know it can be a tricky one!  So....Bonus point time!  Here is how scoring will work:

Weekly Water goal = 1 point
Whole grains only = 1 point
No sugar for the day = 1 point

THREE points possible today, it is Saturday after all, you got this one!  And if sugar is too much, just focus on the whole grains and the water :)  That is a big goal in and of itself if you don't already do whole grains!  Anyone need ideas or suggestions?  Comment below and I will help you out!!  If you need help with anything along the way, always feel free to ask!  Doing great, keep up the great work!

Don't forget, when commenting your score, post: Day 3 - 2 points or whatever day and point value you got. Give me the day you are posting for though.  Thanks for participating!!  Have a great day!!

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  1. This was a tough one! I have such a sweet tooth!!
    Day 4 +3