Day 6 - 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to do something fun!  Today's goal is about being aware of how much calcium you need (between 1,000mg to 1,300mg each day), and hitting that target!  Calcium is such an important mineral to each of us, yet without certain food products, it is a hard one to get enough of.  You can't count on your multivitamin to give you what you need!  (check it out, most contain only between 10%-20% of your daily needs)  

Today I want you to look at your food labels and do a quick count as you go to see how much calcium you are getting.  The labels are based off of 1,000 mg Calcium per day, so when it says 10% on the label, count it as 100 mg, 25% would be 250 mg.  Make sense?  Generally, 1 oz of cheese has about 200-250 mg calcium, 8 oz of milk as 300 mg, 6 oz of yogurt has between 250-300 mg, to give you a rough idea.

Remember there are other ways to get calcium if you don't do well with dairy products!  You can get it from soy milk, fortified orange juice, or fortified almond milk is a great source as well.  Just remember to shake up the fortified products before using, studies show the calcium can sit on the bottom and be left there.  Blue Diamond almond milk has 450 mg per 8 oz.  If you know you just aren't getting enough, there are supplements you can take to help fill the gap.  Find one that is in combination with vitamin D (another one we don't get enough of!) 

You earn your +1 point today by tracking how much calcium you get during the day, and doing your best to hit your target (at least 1,000 mg).  You can still get +1 if you don't hit it, as long as you find out how much you get, and come up with a couple ways to hit it on future days.  Sound good!?  Go build those strong bones today!  

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