Day 7 - Snooze Longer

Happy Monday everyone!  Only today and tomorrow left in the weekly water goal!  Tomorrow I will post the next week long goal.  I hope you all are finding ways to get in more water, and that you are feeling good because of it!  Keep up the water today.  Any tips you want to share for how you are able to get it all in?  Anything you like to do to keep water interesting?  Share in the comments below or on Facebook!  

The goal for Day 7 (Tuesday) is to get a little extra sleep.  I know everyone is crazy busy and this might be a challenge for some of you.  Getting enough sleep is very important in weight loss, weight control, and feeling all around better.  When you do not get enough sleep, the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin are out of balance.  These control your appetite and feelings of satiety.  So, they make you feel hungrier during the day, and keep you from feeling full and satisfied, not a good combination!  Click here to read a little bit more about these if you are interested.  

Your goal is to get an extra 30 (or more!) minutes of sleep.  Turn off the TV, computer, tablet, or whatever you play with at night and allow yourself to fall asleep better.  That bright light is not conducive to letting your mind calm down and falling asleep.  You can do this either tonight (Monday to Tuesday)  or tomorrow (Tuesday to Wednesday).  That extra sleep will leave you feeling more refreshed, and help you make better choices nutritionally!  

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