Day 8 - Cut Down Caffeine

You made it through the water week!  Woohoo!  I hope you found the water helpful and are feeling better drinking more, keep it up!  :)  Maybe a bonus point down the line for continuing to drink water, what do you think?  

Our next weekly challenge is to track what you are eating.  Most people find easy things to improve when they look at what they are really eating during the whole day.  You can spot gaps (missing vegetables all day??) or overages (usually too many grain choices!).  It also helps you be conscious and aware of the little "extras" that come in during the day.  Remember to write down everything, including the handful of M&Ms here or the chocolate kisses there.  I'm not saying that you have to cut these things out, but it is very useful if you are trying to lose or maintain and not seeing results, to see those things adding up.  You get a better idea of everything that is coming in, when without tracking, those things may slip your mind by the end of the day.  

You can track however works for you!  You can use a phone app (popular ones are myfitnesspal, lose it! or mynetdiary calorie counter - all these apps are free and very user friendly).  You can also jot it down in a notebook quickly, or try an excel sheet if you are at work or on the computer often.  You can track calories, but you don't have too.  I like to have people track it by food groups, but you can simply just write down the things you ate.  Anything that gets you thinking about it during the day.  You can track as the day goes on, or if you can remember everything, you can write it down at night.  However works best.  If you have a favorite way of tracking, share in the comments!

So, every day this week that you track what you are eating, +1.  If you have problems or questions, please please let me know and I can help you out!

For Day 8, the goal is to cut down on caffeine.  Hopefully if you get a little extra sleep, this wont be too bad.  All I want you to try is to drink one less caffeinated beverage during the day.  If you usually consume 4, try to do 3.  If you only do 1, try to do half of one.  If you don't do any caffeine, you get +1, and an easy day.  Hope that covers everyone :)  Good Luck!

Thank you to all of the participants, you are doing an excellent job!  Keep up the good work!  I am loving seeing the comments and scores posted.  Keep going, you can do this!  Thank you also for posting the day with the point value.  When I "like" your comment on Facebook, I have logged your points.  Don't stress about where you are posting, I find them easily, and so far we are doing great!
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