Day 9 - Slash Sodium

Hi Everyone!  I hope your first day of tracking went (or is going) well!  I know this is a tough one for some of you, but completely worth the effort, promise!  My patients that are most successful are the ones that track, track, track!  

The goal for day 9 (Thursday), is to keep an eye on your sodium intake.  The recommended daily amount for sodium is 2,300 mg (roughly 1 tsp of salt), if you have high blood pressure, than the goal is less than 1,500 mg per day.  Most Americans are getting over 4,700 mg and some studies show closer to 6,000 mg per day!  Wow...  Not good!  One of the first ways to cut sodium is to stop using the salt shaker at meals.  This is the goal for today, put the salt shaker down and don't add salt to any meals or snacks.  If you do that, +1.  

While you are thinking about sodium today, look at the labels of some of the foods you are eating.  Packaged products are where you are going to find the most sodium.  Especially in frozen meals, canned foods, deli meats, and cheeses.  Some are much better than others, so compare a couple different cans of soup or frozen meals to see which will be lower.  It is ok to include these in your diet occasionally, just keep an eye on the rest of the day and try to pick lower sodium, fresh foods.

There are some good options out there to help you lower the sodium while still getting great flavor!  Try Mrs. Dash for new and different flavors (I love the Garlic Herb blend), try lite salt (this one has half the sodium, and includes potassium, so if you have to watch potassium, go for the Mrs. Dash instead).  Try low sodium soy sauce or marinades and try vinegar more often.  Play with fresh herbs and spices in dishes, they add tons of flavor and can really change something boring into wonderful!

If you have decided to track on an app, most of them track the amount of sodium you are consuming, so take a look over the next couple days and see where you are coming in.

Doing great so far guys!  Keep up the good work.  Let me know if you have questions or need anything!
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