And The Winner Is.....

That was a very tight race!  You all did excellent, and I hope it was a good experience!  

Our first place winner, with 66 points is Debbie Burningham!  She won by 3 points, way to go Debbie!

We had 6 tie for 2nd place with 63 points, so I put all six names in a hat and drew out 2 for our 2nd and 3rd place winners... The winners for 2nd and 3rd place are: Brittney Q. and Suzanne T., nice work!!

Honorable mention to others with 63 points include Dennis T, Heidi F, Debbie E, Holly A!

If the 3 winners could private message me on Facebook your address I will send your prize :)  

Thank you again to all the participants, and congratulations to those of you who finished!!  We had so many of you at 60 points, and in the 50s range, great job!  I am planning to run another challenge in the beginning of the new year, keep a look out if you want to participate again.  

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