Top 6 Thanksgiving Tips (for staying on track!)

I'm starting to feel like the holiday season is in full swing.  Let me first say that I LOVE Thanksgiving.  I love all Thanksgiving foods, being with family, the gratefulness that comes with Thanksgiving, and the happy, positive energy this time of year.  I have to admit though, I do start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies once Halloween is over.  Not that I am skipping Thanksgiving!  I just feel like it is the "Holiday Season" and I have too many Christmas movies to watch, to wait until December :)  I know some of you do the same thing!!

I will be posting my favorite or new Thanksgiving recipes the rest of the week and into next week, for any of you that want new ideas!  Today though, I'm going to give you my top 10 tips for making sure Thanksgiving doesn't derail your healthy eating plans or diet completely.  It can be done!  

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1. Keep Thanksgiving to ONE meal.  Be so careful with those leftovers!  Turkey, great leftover.  Everything else?  Give away or don't take home with you!

2. Focus on Favorites.  So there are eight different kinds of sweet potatoes to pick from?  Pick your favorite and avoid the rest.  No need to eat and include things that you don't love.  Twelve different desserts?  Pick the one you most look forward too, and skip the others.

3. Don't Starve!  Be sure to still eat little snacks or meals through the day leading up to Thanksgiving dinner.  You will make better choices and not over indulge too much.  Also, you will consume many more calories with all the tasting and picking through the day, compared with just having a greek yogurt or something to keep you satisfied.

4. Eat your Calories, Don't Drink Them.  You will feel much more satisfied by eating the traditional favorites on Thanksgiving than by any calories you will get from drinks.  Alcoholic drinks and sugary punches are loaded with calories with calories and will leave you much worse off.  Drink lots of water, and sip slowly any beverage containing calories.  

5. Up the Vegetables.  Find out what vegetables (green! green beans, salad, brussel sprouts, etc) will be available, and offer to bring one.  Make sure your plate has a good portion devoted to the vegetables, and that will keep the abundance of starchy options down just a little.  

6. Forget about the Clean Plate Club.  You don't want in that club.  If something doesn't taste good, you feel full, or satisfied, leave the rest.  You can do it.  It is just fine to get full and not finish everything on your plate. Don't keep eating when your body tells you are done.  

There you have it, some ideas to help you stay on track.  Keep an eye out for more to come as we get closer to the big day :)  What helps you the most to stay on track during the holidays?  Share below!

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