Quick Healthy Holiday Tip

Try to take the focus off food around the holiday season.  Create new traditions with your family and friends that do not center around meals or treats.  Here are a couple ideas, share your favorite non-food holiday traditions in the comments!
  • Turn candy and cookie making time into making non-edible projects, like wreaths, gingerbread houses (pick candy you aren't tempted by!), or other fun holiday decorations (think pinterest here!)
  • Plan group activities with family and friends that don't center around treats or a meal.  Try ice skating, sledding, serving a holiday meal to the community, looking at Christmas lights, games, or caroling!
  • Other activities could include building a snowman, watching a Christmas movie, volunteering a food bank, or decorating the tree!  Be creative, and make this holiday season one to remember :)
My sister and I with our cute Gingerbread house!

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