Tips for Eating Breakfast at Work

If you are not hungry first thing in the morning and instead like to have breakfast once you get to work, here are some helpful tips:
  • Bring something from home, such as: 
  •     -Premade oatmeal to heat up (try steel cut oats, recipe here)
  •     -Greek yogurt with berries
  •     -Egg Muffins (recipe here)

  • If ordering a breakfast sandwich at work:
    Choose whole-grain bread rather than a roll or bagel
    Hold the cheese
    Add vegetables, whenever possible
    Consider substituting egg whites or egg substitute on occasion to save on calories and cholesterol 
    • Consider oatmeal, which is usually a cheaper option at most cafeterias/restaurants, and it is filling and a low-calorie option, depending on the amount and number of toppings:
      Limit sugar, raisins, honey, and nuts
      Try cinnamon for added nutrients and no extra calories 
    Pic from here

    • Avoid fast-food chains, when possible:
      Know that the average bagel with cream cheese is a whopping 550−600 calories, and many breakfast combos can top out at or more than 1000 calories, half or more of the daily caloric needs for an average adult
      Avoid foods that are loaded with high-calorie extras, such as French toast or pancakes with syrup and butter, when you must eat at a fast-food chain
      Order basic sandwiches (egg on English muffin) or cereals (oatmeal) 
      • Buy a morning smoothie or freshly squeezed juice:
        Make sure it is not loaded with extra sugar (check nutrition info if possible!)
        Ask if you can choose the ingredients yourself
        Try including vegetables in your juice order, such as spinach (you wont even taste it!)
        Make sure to eat something within 1−2 hours of waking to prevent the temptation of overeating at the next meal. Studies have shown that going without food for more than about 4 hours leads to a decreased metabolism. Consider the last time you ate before breakfast!

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