Cooking With Herbs: Part 2

Here are some tips on three more herbs to use in cooking.  Marjoram is one I like to use, but haven't grown it yet.  Have you tried it?  How did it work?

Sweet and spicy, marjoram tastes and smells like camphor. Marjoram has dark green, smooth oval leaves (see photo below). It is used in a variety of dishes, but word of caution, it's flavor is easily lost with the addition of heat, so add it to foods at the last minute, after they have finished cooking. 

Try adding to salads and soft cheeses, use to flavor vegetables such as artichokes, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, or try in eggs, and with poultry.  I use this in my split pea soup, yum!
Oregano is related to marjoram, it tastes more robust than marjoram.  Oregano has an intense pepperiness (is that a word?) and more distinct flavor. It comes in a variety of leaf shapes and sizes, and is famous on the tables of Italian restaurants around the world.  Different types of oregano include (but there are many more): Italian, Cuban, Greek Mountain, Hot & Spicy, Lemon, Mediterranean, and Golden.  Oregano is also high in antioxidant activity, and in ancient times was used to cure stomach ailments.

Oregano is often preferred in its dried form because as the herb dries, it's flavor becomes more intense.  Oregano is best used in pizza and tomato sauces, baked fish, lamb, stews, beans, marinades, and flavored oils and vinegars.
Italian Oregano from:
Found in curly and flat-leaf varieties, parsley is fresh and spicy with a hint of pepper. The stems are actually more flavorful than the leaves of the parsley plant and are great used in cooking.  Parsley is good for digestion.

You see Parsley often as a garnish.  Parsley goes well with stuffing, omelets, salads, dressings, tabbouleh, and fish.

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