New Year, New Adventures

Hello Everyone!  It has been awhile since I have blogged.  I think about it often, but somehow the last 7-8 months have been a blur.  I had a baby!  A little girl.  Exactly 7 months ago today.  Ah, what sweet memories flood in as I think about that day.  She was born at 2:25am, so I got to spend almost her entire first day with her.  If I think about the fact that it has already been 7 months, I may cry.  So...moving on.

Little Lady a month ago

I have got to stay home with her, which has been an amazing blessing.  Her and I have a blast.  It is amazing to watch her grow, learn new things, and become her own little person. 

I have been working here and there, meeting with patients out of my home, and doing wellness seminars for corporations.  Both are awesome, and I love the flexibility it provides me while keeping me up to date on my nutrition topics and research. 

I miss blogging and engaging on social media, and I feel like I have a routine and some balance back in my life and I'm ready to get back out there. 

My blog is going to be less stiff, and more personal.  Still completely nutrition, food, and fitness focused, but with a different tone (and some Mila adventures thrown in there).  I have so much to write about as far as eating during pregnancy, pregnancy weight gain and loss, breast feeding, feeding an infant, starting solids, etc.  I'm excited to share that along with recipes, fitness tips, motivation, healthy eating and so much more. 

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Any topics you want to read about?  Let me know-share in the comments below! 

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